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The MONICAIR research project is being conducted by a consortium of Dutch manufacturers in the ventilation industry, engineering firms and research institutes, that encompasses a broad spectrum in the field of ventilation in the building sector.

The members of the MONICAIR consortium are listed below.

Ventilation industry

Brink Climate Systems BV

ClimaRad BV
Honeywell Customized Comfort Products
Itho Daalderop Nederland BV
Zehnder Group Nederland BV


Consultancy and engineering firms

Nieman Raadgevende Ingenieurs BV

Van Holsteijn en Kemna BV


Knowledge and research institutes

Delft University of Technology, OTB


Indirectly involved parties

Housing corporations: Woningstichting Den Helder, De Woonplaats, WBO, Woningkwaliteit 2020, Aedes, Portaal, Ymere, De Alliantie, De Key, Eigen Haard, Haagwonen, Rochdale, Staedion, Vivare, Vidomes, Wonen Centraal.